Evil House of Belarus Businessman

In the Belarus village Ratomki you can find very strange dwelling...
The roof of the gazebo is covered with human skulls painted in black.
Black hands sticking out of the walls of a fence...
On the roof you will see numerous statues of demonic creatures.
Devils, demons, dark angels...
Winged devils on the roof of this strange house.
Dark angel is aiming from a bow.
The devil with the tail of a scorpion climbs the gate.
In his right hand the demon holds something like a mace...
The roof of gazebo is not complete yet. More skulls will be placed here later.
Eye of Providence is a part of fence too.
The gutter is looks like a winged snake or dragon.
Construction work is still under way, probably the house will be completely covered with stone..
There are a lot of hands sticking out of the walls of the house and chimneys.
The roof of the house with a lot of statues of demons.